10 Mistakes Made When Talking to People

  1. Blinking too often
    Blinking is a natural movement that is a biological function of the human body. Fish never blink. But humans blink millions of times every day. However, blinking has acquired a social symbolism that conveys uncertainty. So if you have this nervous habit while talking with others, you are telling them you are nervous. This gives the other person the upper hand, since they can read your emotions.
  2. Saying You know? …or Uh! …every third word
    Here is another habit, but we might add the prefix dirty. People use You know? Because they intuitively believe that this makes a connection with the other person. In fact, the less the other person appears to be listening the more the speaker might use this phrase. Also, the less the other person appears to respect the speaker, the more the speak will lean on it as well. This is a self-destructive approach, since it undermines the speaker’s credibility, the more they use such phrases in their speaking patterns.
  3. Lack of eye contact
    Many people rarely look the person they are speaking to in the eyes. It is often a subconscious habit that is intended to send the signal of deference to the other person’s importance. However, this has acquired the same social symbolism as blinking. You are either weak or lying if you cannot bring yourself to look in the eyes of the person you are speaking to. At least, you are guilty of something.
  4. Too much eye contact
    The person who glares into your eyes the whole time you are speaking together, makes you understandably unnerved. Try to give the other person a break from your exaggerated interest, by looking away occasionally.
  5. Fidgeting
    Some people have a particular way of fidgeting they are fond of. It might be relaxing to you, but it most likely will drive the other person mad. It distracts the other person’s thoughts, weakening their reasoning processes. If this is your goal, then go for it!
  6. Talking too much
    When a person gets very nervous they may talk too much to create a diversion. Nothing drives people madder than a person who won’t shut up. Force yourself to create sections of silence in your speech. Tell yourself that you will just sit there and enjoy with the other person the weather or the women walking by or whatever you can find to make yourself shut your trap a little while.
  7. Talking too little
    There are people who do not talk enough. They are a wall flower in a conversation. This gives the impression that you have no professional power and certainly have achieved nothing interesting to bring to the table. Prepare for these situations by thinking of generic things you can say in any conversation. Make sure they are interesting and relevant or at least general enough to fit in many situational contexts.
  8. Not asking enough questions
    There are those who will talk and never ask questions of the other person. Asking questions conveys the social symbol of interest. It tells the other person they are valuable, because you are interested in them.
  9. Lack of small talk
    Small talk is not so scary. Just say something about a topic that is rather meaningless and there you have it: a sports game, the weather, service at the coffee shop, etc…
  10. Beating around the bush too much
    A habit that drives other people bananas is never getting to the point. We accuse older people of this failure, but too many people of all ages are unfocused in their thoughts. Practice focusing in on one topic and one statement that you want to express. Get it out FIRST and then add supporting elements to persuade or explain or whatever your purpose is.

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Top 10 Mistakes Women Make in Life

  1. Lying
    As little girls, women learn to lie and smile, turning on their charm to get away with murder. They develop a style of relating where lying and charming are intertwined and their relationships from this point on are poisoned with trying only to obtain whatever they can imagine, but they rarely imagine what the other person wants.
  2. Gossip
    When lying and charming do not work, spreading gossip (true or false) is intended to tilt the scales in their favor through indirect manipulation. With many women this becomes their major tool for controlling their world.
  3. Hooking up for a ride
    Women go after men for the tangible things they can provide and there is no doubt to this. Some say that is how it must be in order for the woman to build the home life. Others criticize this behavior as materialistic. In many women there is no awareness that this is a practical expression of the desire to build a home. Instead, they pursue the boy with a car out of self-gratification.
  4. Cheating on Her Man
    As soon as a woman begins thinking of doing this she should take inventory of her real situation and decide firmly what she wants. It destroys more of her character than of her life. Once it is done, there is no going back. She is much more likely to do it again to someone else.
  5. Not Having Children Early Enough
    Too many women make the mistake of pursuing career instead of family, thinking she can put it off indefinitely. The problem is that the woman has a biological clock, where the closer she approaches 40 the more danger of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome.
  6. Self-image Destroys Physical Image
    Many women never learn how to manage their thoughts. So their self-image gets battered and practically destroyed. The only way many women hold it together is through activities that destroy their physical image as well, like over-eating, over-sleeping, and many other overs.
  7. Expecting the Man to Make a Perfect Life for Her
    Every woman wants a life of comfort and ease. It is a natural desire. Many women choose a man based on what she perceives as his ability to provide her with an ideal life. Life is much more wild than in our dreams, though, and few lives ever turn out close to perfect.
  8. Getting Divorced
    When the woman realizes that her man cannot provide that perfect life and no amount of lying, charming, or gossiping will help, she considers a divorce. So getting married based on her own selfish desire and unrealistic imagination, she soon gets divorced for the same reasons.
  9. Getting a Dog
    As soon as a woman gets rid of her man, she gets a dog to replace him. This makes so much sense in light of her approach to relationships from the time she was a little girl. She can lie to the dog, calling him pretty, and not risk any retaliation. She doesn’t have to gossip, since the dog will mindlessly do whatever the woman wants, unlike the man. She really wanted a dog after all, not a man.
  10. Not Realizing She Should Have Lived More
    When a woman reaches the last part of her life she realizes her biggest mistake was that she did not live life to its fullest. She romanticizes about the past and what could have been. In this way, she manipulates the past and this is how many women end their lives, romanticizing and manipulating the past through memories.

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Top 10 Mistakes Men Make in Life

  1. Lying
    From the time men are boys they learn that lying can get them what they want, even if sometimes it gets them what they don’t want (i.e. punishment). Lying becomes a form of risk-taking that generates a thrill, while most often helping them achieve their goals. They integrate lying into relationship building at an early age. Their consciences build many layers of justification to preserve this tool.
  2. Bullying Others
    Men learn to bully others when they are pre-adolescents and perfect this tool all the way through high school. As they enter college age they learn to adapt the tool into more acceptable and subtle forms of manipulation through intimidation and fear. Bullying is another relationship tool for men, that is protected by its own layers of justifications.
  3. Driving Under the Influence
    Men are risk takers at heart and nothing spells risk like driving while under the influence either of alcohol or drugs. Now they have Red Bull and other legal forms of mind altering substances to create the risk while driving. This demonstrates men’s tendencies to think about themselves first and then about other people if they are not too busy thinking about themselves.
  4. Cheating on His Woman
    So many of a man’s troubles in life stem from this mistake, that if he would avoid it, he might live a lot longer. Here is another form of risk-taking that generates endorphins and strokes his ego. He knows that he loves his woman, but this particular risky behavior really builds up his self-image. It can also be explained by his thinking only of himself and then, perhaps of other people at some point.
  5. Having Children
    For a man these days, this usually happens before he gets married. It is a perpetual reminder of more risk-taking. The big question is whether he can find that responsible bone in his body and exercise its muscle to counter balance the risk-taking enough to raise the children.
  6. Getting Married
    This is a debatable topic, but since many men end up divorcing, the consensus is likely to be that this is a grave mistake in a man’s life. Of course, this is tongue-in-cheek. Marriage is a beautiful experience that is the culmination of love.
  7. Buying a House
    It is a natural instinct to want to buy a house for your family. The problem is that buying a house is so much stress that it can cause deep divisions between the man and woman. If the man would have kept renting the divisions would not have been created by the huge purchase.
  8. Getting Divorced
    So many men go through divorce, but it is usually as a solution to their marriages. It is a strange solution to fix something that is intended to be for life. This might also be categorized as a risk-taking action. Perhaps this is a last ditch effort to return to a life of risks that his wife refused to entertain.
  9. Getting Re-married
    As if a divorce was not enough of a mistake and marriage in the first place, as an interruption to the man’s joyful life of risk, now he has to go and get married yet again. This could be a form of denial that drives him to commit this mistake. Ok, so this is a bit of a joke as well, but for some men, staying single is really the best option for everyone invvolved.
  10. Not Realizing He Really Will Die
    A man’s final and longest mistake in life begins when he is born and lasts until nearly the last minute of his life. That is the denial that he will every really die. You will die.

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Beliefs, Bias, and Blogs

Blogging is modern society’s way of allowing anyone to instantly and easily share their opinions, anywhere and at any time. Blogs may generate traffic because the author has a unique and appealing narrative voice, or because of the high quality content that the blog features. Either way, the site needs content.

A blogger with a successful blog and a dedicated following has the responsibility of reporting opinions based on a reasonable degree of research. However, this research is not always quite as thorough as it should be. Simply seeking confirmation of a hunch can lead an investigator to confirmation bias, in which only the articles that support the position are analyzed. This may leave out important counterpoints that challenge the validity of the position, and neglecting these points’ leads to bias. Bloggers can also display bias by putting their personal spin on information. Many things can be interpreted in multiple different ways, and to ignore this is to succumb to bias.

However, this is not to say that blogs are full of lies and deception. Many blogs are popular and responsibly informative. Reasonable Views is one such blog, covering everything from business and education to food and wine in an unbiased and professional manner. It is important to represent the truth as accurately as possible, and at http://reasonableviews.com they understand that. The mission is simple: give the readers something to think about and let them decide what to take from it themselves.

The age of the internet allows anyone to turn a computer into a soapbox and speak their minds to anyone who is interested. The reader depends on the blogger to conduct thorough investigative research and report the findings through a non-biased perspective. In order to do this, writers must avoid falling into confirmation bias by simply scouring the web for articles that support their positions and ignoring those that don’t. Additionally, they must report the facts, bearing in mind that their interpretation is not necessarily the “right” interpretation.

Visit http://reasonableviews.com to experience a responsible and unbiased blog that is committed to informing the reader in a mature and scientific manner.

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Looking for Free Legal Software Downloads? Try Insofter

If the only thing standing in the way of you starting up your own online business is the cost of software, then I am about to strip away that last excuse. Time to do some bootstrapping. Time to outfit yourself with all the necessary tools – without spending a dime. Pick and choose software or go on a downloading frenzy at Insofter.com.

Insofter is catalog of free software downloads. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find something useful through Insofter.

Search for numerous downloads in a variety of ways. If you know exactly what you need, you can search for it directly on this free software download site. If you’re not quite sure, or just feel like doing a little browsing, you can peruse by Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android availability and more.

Insofter has you covered if you’re looking for desktop or mobile applications. Just about any business or office need that you’re likely to encounter, Insofter can help you find the appropriate tools. Here’s a breakdown of some of the other category heading you can use to filter your search:

  • browsers and plugins
  • file sharing
  • messaging and chat
  • file transfer
  • office and news
  • developer tools
  • anti-malware
  • firewalls and security
  • system tuning
  • compression and backup
  • networking and admin
  • audio and video
  • cd and dvd tools
  • desktop
  • photos and images
  • drivers

If you’ve ever gone looking for something free online, you’ve probably grown frustrated by bogus offers, illegal temptations, and bad software. Insofter looks to avoid those hassles, those drains on the patience and wits. Click on any product listed and you can read either a layman’s description or a technical analysis. Insofter also states clearly whether or not software is available because of a free trial period or because it has limited functionality. This should eliminate a lot of disappointment and aggravation.

What’s more, Insofter let’s users rate download links. In this way, the community is in charge of quality control. So before you download, you have a clear sense of what the software will do, how you can expect it to perform, and just how pleased others have been with the delivery.

Who doesn’t like or need something shiny and new? Insofter displays options according to the latest and greatest. There’s also a running list of the Top 20 software downloads, so you can be sure to stay up on what is being used the most.

Entertainment, check. News readers, check. Spyware, check. Developer languages and editors, check. Data encryption, check. Image editors, check. Remote desktop access, check. Insofter has the goods. No matter what you need for personal use or for your business, save money by downloading free software. It’s all available, and all in one place.

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Retail Software Satisfaction

Being a techie minded business owner, I am constantly looking for new ways to re-invent the wheel. Organization rules in the business world and saving my time and money are always key for anything I am buying. When it comes to keeping track of what my business is doing, I haven’t always been so, well, as orderly as I should have been. Installing retail software this last year has improved my business and increased sales with just one purchase.

Retail software allows me to keep track of my customers and what they want, what they have purchased and more. Inventory is no longer hours of counting by hand over and over. I now have everything accounted for literally at my fingertips. I always know what I have in stock, when to re-order and can quickly look up sizes, colors and availability of my stock.

I was concerned about the what may happen if the power went out, but everything is stored and safe no matter what happens to my internet connection. Peace of mind is worth it’s weight in gold and that’s what I got when I invested in this program.

So, get rid of that register and let go of the books that Retail software undoubtedly pays for itself over time, making this business move a no-brainer.

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Beating the ‘Big Empty’ — 2013 Trends for the Hospitality and Hotel Sector

With competition heating up across the business hospitality sector, those at the sharp end of the industry are anxiously looking at what the winning trends may be next year. Business confidence remains low across the UK, and many hotel and hospitality operators are concerned that the post-Jubilee and Olympic hangovers are going to enter difficult trading conditions in 2013. Marketing experts have said that gloomy hospitality executives are starting to mutter about “Empty 2013″ – a year bereft of big events to pull in business.

The answer lies within
Faced with little help from the outside, hoteliers and hospitality operators are going to need a little ingenuity – and to rely on their own resources in order to attract clientele. Part of this involves ensuring that establishments can offer business clients those little touches that spell comfort, utility and super service. When it comes to features in hotel rooms, for instance, such added luxuries such as mobile optimised wireless, spa services or Philips hotel TV services really make a difference.

Catering for the business client
Another way to attract business and corporate clients is to let them know they can expect the highest standards of catering – even for mass events such as conferences. There are many talented chefs and caterers currently seeking opportunities throughout the UK, and a forward-thinking hospitality or hotel manager will be looking in turn to take the opportunity and harness their skills.

The shift has already begun
Throughout next year, the hospitality and hotel sector is going to see more and more of these features in establishments which maybe are not currently associated with the high-end of the sector, as business hospitality and travel matches tourism as a key revenue stream. We are already seeing this trend now in late 2012, with more savvy hoteliers upgrading their facilities in the wake of the income surge from Olympic and Jubilee visitors. This is only going to gather pace over Christmas and the New Year, with many businesses presenting a newer, shinier face to their clientele ready for the challenges of “Empty 2013.”

Pic URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/merydith/4576874311/sizes/z/in/photostream/

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10 Things You Need When Setting Up A Home Office

Setting up a home office can seem like a daunting task when first confronted with an empty room that needs to be filled. There are a few basic things that nearly every home office needs just to be functional as a work environment.Ensuring that a home office has these basic necessities will make it easier to start working and organizing business right away.

Solid Desk

The central component in any home office is a good and solid desk. The desk will act as a work surface, a storage area and a place to use other pieces of equipment. A good desk should have a few drawers that can hold supplies. The top of the desk should be large enough to accommodate any organizing bins that might be used. (more…)

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Developments in Mobile Technology and Gaming

Technology designed to improve the experience of gaming using a mobile device is something which is in a constant state of development, as these devices gradually catch up with PCs as the most popular devices to use when playing online games. Amongst the most popular types of gaming online is that of playing at online casinos – with internet gambling being a growth industry in general – and many of the new technological developments are in this particular area, as the major manufacturers of mobile devices look to exploit the growing online gambling market.

Already we have seen the emergence of online mobile casinos, which are intended to be more compatible with the software used in mobile devices. But now we are also set to witness the arrival of 3D displays for smartphones, which will enhance the sensory quality of online casino graphics for those accessing them via their smartphones. This could prove to be a real move towards these devices overtaking the PC as the preferred option for those looking to play the slots, poker, roulette or any other casino game online, as there already is an ipad casino for every need.

Another technological development in this area has been the creation of new java software, which is intended to provide the most efficient and accurate software possible for the transmission of information between the casino site servers and your mobile device. When combined with the most up-to-date security software – which is generally 128-bit encryption – those playing casino games on their mobile devices can be guaranteed a service which is fast and accurate, while also ensuring that all sensitive information – and financial transfers, whether from Australia or Aruba – is completely secure. This latter point is particularly important, as security concerns should be a maximum priority for anyone accessing a site of this kind, where they will need to provide the kind of information that could leave them vulnerable to either financial or identity theft.


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